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PLEASE NOTE --- this is the GITD version. There are some bugs in here, so if you are voting for GiTD, please critique using this game accordingly.

If you want to play the updated version (with highscore tracking), you can click for the kongregate version.

An assembly puzzle game, based off the 8086 architecture. Of course, it’s only based off the 8086, not an actual replication, so some things (like flags) have been changed to fit a project that I could do in GiTD while at the same time maintaining my audience.

A GiTD submission (#50). Theme: cyberpunk + minimalism.

If you do not enjoy programming, or just do not plan on investing some time in learning some assembly, then perhaps this is not the game for you. This is for a niche audience but I tried my best to allow any person to be able to play if they are willing to learn.

Motivation for this game came when I felt TIS-100 did not have enough features (specifically subroutines and bit arithmetic).

I am Ciggbit’s alternate account. Everything here is my work, the only exception is UnknownGuardian’s QuickKong (a library used for Kongregate high scores).